About Us

Based in the Central Lakes District, New Zealand, and brought together by Charlotte Mill, Rangi Nui Rabbits is passionate about rabbit control and sustainability. We are a collective of rabbit controllers and fashion designers including Tiki Studio.

None of our rabbits are bred or farmed to create our products.  Unlike faux-fur, a plastic product that takes hundreds of years to biodegrade, our products are proudly ethical, sustainable and New Zealand made. 

Wild rabbits are one of the most serious agricultural and environmental pests in New Zealand.  Cute as they may be, they are a devastating scourge that is out of balance and ruining our local ecology.  In some areas they are reaching plague proportions.  Yes, they “breed like rabbits”! Rabbits reproduce every 6 weeks and one female rabbit is capable of having up to 50 babies a year! Imagine how many 20 rabbits per hectare can quickly become.

Rabbits compete for pasture and crops and cause land degradation. They graze on native vegetation.  Loss of vegetation reduces soil organic matter, which reduces water holding capacity and permeability, and therefore reduces soil fertility. Rabbit grazing also causes soil erosion and stream bank erosion, which can in turn affect water quality.

Rangi Nui Rabbits was one of the winning entries of the Crux Media Project Phoenix competition.  This impact enterprise was launched during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown to seek business and community-based ideas that solved a local problem and created local jobs. 

Rangi Nui means the “great sky”.  It watches over us and the vast expanse of pristine land from which we harvest our wild rabbits.  This connection with the sky and the land links us to Ngai Tahu iwi with whom we collaborate on employment initiatives in the district.

By purchasing our wild New Zealand rabbit fur products instead of imported farmed rabbit fur, you are actively contributing to rabbit control in Central Otago.